Female Torture


Today in every house every single home females are torture why? either as a daughter or wife.

The real fact is that whenever male born mother and everybody are happy. As he grows he is told that he is the one of the best . No matter if daughter does every single work but scold of for a single mistake. But if son does mistake( which should not tolerate)just ignores and said next time he will not do. When both grows up, sons are irresponsible and has the habit of doing what they want no matter for them that it will hurt somebody .So when they are married they had a habit to think that they are superior and don't give respect to their wives.


Tell sons that you are the protector of ladies. don't let them cry .Fulfil THIER LEGAL RIGHTS.. when they grow they will respect ladies MOTHER, WIFE AND DAUGHTER. Than the ratio of divorce will decrease . Love and understanding build in the house and children also learn the importance of female.
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