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(Nadeem Israr, Karachi)

Idea of co-working is getting famous nowadays due to its innovative and collaborative aspects in work usually in modern world. So, this concept ignited to work in shared manner for getting inspiration, motivation to those who are energetic and passionate co-workers. Looking this trend of modern world, a young and energetic businessman named Waqar Abdul Ghaffar formed a company to materialize his dreams for establishing a combined work place for startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and companies having the motto “Be your own boss” which enhances the craving to work. On Saturday evening, I visited to CoSpax in a bloggers’ meet up where I was very much impressed to see such a great setup which was of state of the art type creating an atmosphere of collaboration.

Why CoSpax?

Cospax’s infrastructure is tailor-made according to the need of freelancers, entrepreneurs and companies where they unleash their potential and the very idea of CoSpax was coined by TPLEX which has an experience of several years in the Tech and business industry. CoSpax is equipped in such a manner where professional meet ups, interactive space for visiting members and ideal networking facilities are available on very affordable price. The facilities provided here are in such a perfect manner that one cannot help achieving the goals what one has set for his progress. During sighting the office in details guided by an official person, things behind the scene were apparent were no doubt but dedicated, tireless efforts of the CoSpax team.

Packages available at Cospax.

1. Hot Desk: A sociable shared co-working space in shape of reserved desk space.
2. Private Desk: A sociable shared desk with the facility of lockable storage facility.
3. Private Office: An entire room dedicated for business containing two desks and six seating arrangement.
4. Along with above, meeting area, event hall, leisure area, multimedia/high speed internet facility and coffee/tea etc.

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