Is Effective Learning More Important Than Talking

(Syed Faiz Ali, Rawalpindi)

Effective listening is more important than talking, and if observed properly, it leads to an effective learning process. In turn, the knowledge circle of a person keeps inflating, and more wisdom is acquired. This coherence leads the person stepping inches of success. Whereas, talking is a series of protocolled responses and hence share the nature of dialogue. By all means, talking is an essential part of our daily lives and its importance cannot be dwindled. However, here, in the context I will be debating the merits of effective listening over talking in domain of academics, and leisure.

As established, effective talking requires at least 2 people, therefore half of the learning content gets over. To elucidate it further, suppose that 2 friends are talking about the hydrogen embrittlement mechanism in free time. Now, both of them will learn that her other friend will tell her. Whatever, they will speak about will be a repetition of knowledge they already have. This will not render them an opportunity of productive sitting by making them compromise on efficiency of learning. In contrast to it, if both of them will watch some content on web will provide them a better opportunity to delve deep into topic and have better understanding of embitterment process. Larry king said, "I remind myself every morning: Nothing I say this day will teach me anything. So, if I'm going to learn, I must do it by listening."

Effective listening also induces the capacity in self to be open to change. On the other hand, talking quite often is tooled to impose the self-imprint on others. Rumi said, "Yesterday I was clever, I wanted to change the world; today I am wise, I want to change myself." To be open to change is more up to the success. Cultures like Asia and Arabs, have very high uncertainty avoidance cultural dimension. Specifically, Pakistan is having high figure in Hofstede's (1980) cultural table the value of uncertainty avoidance. This tends us to avoid the change and hence stick to what we have and keep repeating it. It also impacts our conversational styles. We are more inclined towards the possessive speaking, and less interned in incubating what other have discovered good which reduces our effective learning process.

Moreover, talking trivial, quite obvious in girls' case, renders no good. It's better to enjoy cacophony rather than talking plethora of trivial stuff. Effective listening is very strong tool to source the knowledge. What other people have found new, what's going on around, and what are the new eras of future, are just some grounds one can advance or at least get familiar to them by effective listening and hence learning. Therefore, to conclude with, Aristotle said, "Knowledge is virtue."

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