Mindless Multi-activity Syndrome

(Umar Khan, BARAMULLA)

Shocking to see that 99% of people are suffering from this disease

It was one of the finest restaurant in Srinagar and a well educated gentleman was sitting exactly opposite to me.

He was checking his Facebook updates in his Smartphone. The delicious food came.
I saw his eyes on the food and probably his body language showed his hunger.
He was about to eat and there rings his phone...tring..tring...tring
He immediately picked up the call and started the conversation. Just imagine this scene...

Left hand holding the phone on the left ear, head slightly tilted and his right hand was pushing food into the mouth. What he intended to do and what he was doing was a mismatch. He was mindlessly eating and talking to someone. He was busy talking and eating!

I see many people becoming experts in such Mindless Multi-activity Syndrome(MMS) and conditioning their mind constantly to sway between tasks. Multi-tasking is a myth and more your multi-task, the more you kill your brain cells - You become a cold-blooded Murderer of your own Neurons!

Mindless living has become a way of living for many. This is the core reason for unhappiness & future seeding for all diseases.

Just for today, kindly do the following

1. When you are eating, just eat.

2. Do not attend any phone calls when you are eating. The caller can wait for 10-15 mins.

3. Allow your mind to be with the food.

4. If mind oscillates, bring your attention back to your food inside your mouth.

5. Just be there.
Remember; always be mindful of what you put inside your mouth & your mind.
Because, both, becomes YOU!

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.”

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