Grimy outside polished inside

(Misbah liaqat, Gujranwala)

Grimy outside polished inside

Have you seen the creation with grimy body, Mucky Nose, sticky hairs wearing stained , torn clothes and cracked sandals? Yes they are Street Children. We saw them in streets, on roads, in parking areas and on bus stops. Some of them are professional beggars who trained by Mafia groups and some of them are needy.

But the problem of our society is that we doesn’t identify them either they beg to fulfill their own needs or beg for others need ,we treat them equally and disprove them by forgetting one thing in both cases they are begging...And this is the point to understood .

A simple scenario of society’s behaviour is pictured here; when we saw that creation coming toward us we tried to getting rid of them. we never want they just come close to us and touch our clothes with their muddy hands. we think we'll not bear their bad smell and May be it will be a health hazard for us to found them by standing close to us.

When they just try to touch us for a little aid for their hunger we just shock away them with anger by saying "you are just professional just go away you Rascals”. And this behavior really hurts.

ESTIMATION: there is an estimation on street children which is estimated using different websites studies. According to this estimation there are 250,000 street children in Kenya. 1 million or more then in each city(New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai).170,000 in Indonesia. More than 60,000 in Iran.1.2 to 1.5 Million in Pakistan 1.5 Million in Philippines.1 Million in Russia .1.2 Million in US.88,000 in Turkey

Many associations and NGOs are working for them .UNICEF is working across 190 Countries to defend these children .But still they exist.

The REASON of this article isn't to identify these children either they or professional or Needy OR Demanding to any NGO and association to provide any aid for them .They are working using their potential and providing them accessories. These lines are just about a little thing that these creation that they are "grimy outside & Polished inside" .just once try to check them that grimy body they have a polished and cleaned heart which is enforced to beg for their living.

So many question arises before judging them and disproving them that we have just seen them with grimy body .had we tried to seen their cleaned heart?

Before reproving them had we tried to imagine the pain of begging?

Before shouting on them had we think about their hunger?

just think you will found many questions like this. But we are indulged with our life styles that we never think about these things.

Something that forced me to think about these children is connected with a real life incident.

It was a summer's Midday. It was very hot day. i was standing on bus stop and waiting for Bus. i saw a little girl with grimy body , sticky hairs, wearing stained clothes and cracked sandle.People were standing under shadow and umbrellas but that girl with cracked sandal without having any umbrella and sun glasses, going toward each single person and to beg for some money to eat food. Bus was late. so i stare at her continiously.People were reacting differently some just shout on her, some reprove her and some were giving her some coins just because they wasn't want her presence their. I have not seen any single person who helps her with a smile and a hand of lovingness. So when she come to me and beg for some money. i just asked her that i am also hungry and having no money to eat food please gave me some money so i buy food for me. And then that little creation's reaction wet my eyes with tears.

she just smiled. Hold my hand and secretly put her whole money which she begged in that midday, and ran away from there. I was surprises to saw her reaction.

i tried to stop her by loudly calling her but she wasn't stop .I ran behind her , stopped her and returned his money But she refused to take it but i forced her to took her money back by saying that i was just kidding. she take and ran away with a smile on her face. But she gave me tears in my eyes. And forced me to think about that creation. That Who they are? Are they Humans? If yes then why our behavior is rude with them?

i don't know either she was professional or needy but she helped me on my request because she was aware of the pain of begging. She just smiled to overcome my guilt to beg because she knows its guilt. She gave me money to have food because she was aware of the feelings of hunger. She put money in my hand secretly because she knows the feelings of disobeyed.

She cares for all these aspects because she had faced them every day. So if that little grimy creation take care of my feelings without having any relation with me .May be just she felt a relation with me a relation of humanity! then why we mannered people doesn't felt this relation. I think its out responsibility if we are blessed then treat them well. Beside of thinking about they belong to any mafia group or etc. we should just considered that pain , that feeling behind to beg. we just think that they are creation of GOD .it isn't to beg in hot summer or bear hunger for so many days. it isn't easy to got insulted again and again .we just remember that they are innocent children Rather they are grimy but having a heart inside them which is full of feelings .

So this is not much demanding change this is only change of our attitude or behavior toward that street children. we have to spread happiness among them because they also deserve it.

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