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Most advanced 21th century where a man has reached on moon, where there are lot of embellishment in human thinkings, where a woman became able to combat for her right.

Despite that furtherances & advancement, there are still some areas where still girls are a victim of illiteracy & ignorance. I have experienced some areas where there is still hapless & cheap thinking about girls, girls are limited at home, girls are not considered for education, girls are supposed to hide from unknown persons. There are not fundamental rights for girls. Girls are considered as shoes of foot. The parents & ignorant society think that “girls are only born for marry & take care of their husbands & home”.

In some highly illiterate villages where education is far away from their mind girl children are killed before birth because they reckon that “ Female child is mark of worst destiny of parents”. How disgusting & sarcastic their thinking are!!

At some houses girls are not treated well by their parents. Their parents create differentiation b/w their sons & daughters. They treat with their son as their king & behave with their daughters as their slaves. They consider their sons for education but not their daughters. They consider their daughter as luggage of someone else.

Some parents love their daughters, want to see their daughters well educated but they are very sensitive in their daughters safety. To watch & listen daily news about girls violations they are afraid that if they send their daughters for education they might pass through same violations. Their pensiveness in terms of their daughters safety is reliable but it doesn't mean they limit their daughters at home from the fear of some wicked people who victimize girls, it doesn't mean they keep away the education from their daughters just because of that violations. If they are doing that it means they are proving their cowardness. They are equal accomplices of that callous people who brutalize girls because the people who choose girls as their victims,they actually want that because of their fear parents limit their girls at home. So parents should not be worried about that & create trust on their girls.

Some parents care about their elders & society’s cheap customs & trends that if they send their girls for education or give liberty to their girls then what society thinks. They care about society’s disgusting comments. They think if they take step beyond society’s customs then they might be ostracized from society. Just because society & people’s useless comments they aren't able to give free atmosphere to their daughters.

If they continue to care about their poor customs where there is no gender equality then they can't proceed ahead in terms of their daughters education.

There are many women in their villages I have experienced who just because of their elders & society cremated their desires & became ready for marry with their parent's desired person & living their life as house wife.

The biggest hope of any girl who supports her in their education & other life step is their parents but if their parents didn't advocate her girls then what last option their daughters remain who are very curious in getting education. Many girls got suicide because of this. At some houses the daughters of some parents absconded their home with their desired person & treaded their parents reverence & respect, this is just because their parents didn't try to understand what they wanted.

So if we want to see our girls to educate then first of all we have to create trust on our girls & ignore society's ridiculous comments. Because this society & their people always dismay & dismantle our girls to get successful life. If we care about people’s hapless opinions then they exacerbate our girls future & deter them to get education and compel them to live life as destitute of husband.

Nowadays at developed areas women are at eminent position in terms of education. There are lot of women who set the example that women can do anything they want. The best example of girls is Malala Yusafzai who didn't care about her life to bring educational atmosphere in her area Swat against terrorism & now she is holder of Noble peace award. She should be inspiration of every girl who wants education. Mostly at developed areas girls are going to improve because their family supports them. But still in villages girls are combating hard to get education because their family doesn't support them.

So we have to outdo our thinking about girls. We have to give equal priorities to daughters as their sons, give equal rights to females as males & have to abolish gender discrimination & give girls freedom to dwell their desired life.

It's request for all the people who want girls education that please counsel for girls education in some illiterate villages because their girls really want to get education. If we counsel their parents that what is the power of education then they might initiate their girls education. So we have to alleviate girls to bestow their education & live their dream life.

Go for girls education, Go for girls empowerment.


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