Now its turn for Education Planting

(Mohsin Raza, Islamabad)

PM's Green-Pakistan campaign is on its peak which is a hearty gesture from executives towards the masses. Never doubt, it will enrich our homeland with a pollution-free climate and on the same account it will abolish environmental criss like water, smog, recurringly rising temperature, heat-stroke etc.

Though it's far better proclivity than any ex-regime but still it counts one step towards public friendly agendas. But we, youngsters still looking towards such a campaign that will urge awareness in the nation and will change the destiny of our country. Yes, it's educational-revolution..

Since this hour, no regime prioritised it at that level which could ensure our way to progress rather they permuted it into a abysmal. Today, if we'll plant a a bud of education in those 2.3crore innocent minds who are deprived of schools. Then it will evolve an acquainted youth which will yield multi-lateral outputs i.e, corruption& bribery-free departments, crime-less & peaceful societies, industrialised-cities, poverty-crusher system etc. Because every social evil obliquely have a sole root cause that's lack of awareness. And in present scenario education isn't an option rather it's necessary for survival in the modern-age because if any nation wants to rise on the acclivity of advancement, she have to prioritise her education system willy-nilly. As Nelson Mandela stated, 'No country can develop unless its citizens are educated.'

Second, focus-needed dilemma is this that the number of schools including private sector isn't less in the main regions of Pakistan. But the decorum of creativity-based education system is totally out of routines.

Special advisor of Trade union of OAJ says, 'In Finland teachers are trusted.There is very little supervision of teachers, very little exhaustion of teachers. We don't compare our schools, the schools don't compete with each other and this has very much to do with teacher appreciation'

While in our case, a marks game is on its edge especially within private sector which is abolishing the students' built-in capabilities. So,there is a much need of such system which can stimulate their innovativeness, creativity, confidence, passion, decision-making capabilities, honesty&integrity etc.

Third, most of the teachers residing inside this department are those who are rejected from all other fields and join this department due to unemployment. Nobody willingly wants to become a teacher in our constituency while this willing number in Finland is 8,000 which have the best education system throughout the world. The reason is that the standards, respect, pays & perks, empowerment of teachers and their negotiations in the law are very limited as compared to other developed countries.

Fourth, doldrum is that people don't have any trust on Govt sector's education system as they consider it as rusting of the future of their children . Even they're right at much extent. But i just want to take it in limelight that the 'teachers' in the Government premises who are highly competent even, they use to join this department after competing hundreds of other brilliant candidates. But on joining, they're being provided by tenuous system, dull-minded pupils, extra-fatigued duties, attrited architecture and insufficient amenities which is the motivation-crusher not only for novices but for veterans too. So, these Govt educational institutions must be equipped with upto date infrastructure which can captivate public's confidence.By the same token, The teachers should be accommodated with a higher and respected status in the society. They must honoured by paying special privileges, incentives and some negotiations in the law.

We, as Pakistani optimistically deem towards our Prime minister to take some revolutionary steps promptly for the growth of awareness along-with our plants. So for that when our plants become shady trees these pure pupils can provide ripe fruit of advancement.

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