Racism still in 21th century

(Amit Sukhanj, Mithu)

Last week I witnessed one tragic incident which is about racism! There is one village(can't mention name) whose customs, trends are very ancient that this modernism of today's world is far away from that village! Illiteracy is deeply penetrated in that villagers!! A family of that village has a girl which was black colored & her family wanted to see that girl in relationship so she decided to marry of that girl at adjacent village! There is another cheap & infuriating trend that before marriage boy & girl can't see each other even can't see each other's photo, this was disgusting! So after marriage when boy saw girl's face, he was aghasted & shocked so he started to behave violently with this girl even his family didn't treat well with this girl and finally girl couldn't tolerate that violence and committed suicide!! I was very flustered & furious to see that vicious incident! And I am still thinking that what is the sin of that girl? that she was black? Is that her fault that she was black? I was very flustered and furious to see that vicious incident & that brutality compelled me to study & write something about racism that could be helpful in awareness & knowelgness of society about racism!!
My studied two other tragedies about racism:
1: First incident that I have studied about racism is that there was one white girl who fall in love with black boy, she wanted to marry with black boy but her family was not satisfied with this relationship! Their reason was that the boy was black! She tried to convince her family but her family didn't permit her to marry with black boy so she absconded with this black boy! So due to the arrogance of her family over black person, they lost her girl!!
2: Another girl who told her story about encountering racism is that she was 7 years black girl and her best friend was white girl, she was not used to of going her home but they both are used to of play outside her home! One day she needed to go bathroom so she permitted from her friend that can I use your bathroom but her friend said that wait I am gonna ask my mother about this. She came back & said that my mom said that you can't use our bathroom coz we don't allow niggers in our house & said you can go outside! This is very embarrassing for that 7 years girl, before that she had never faced racism so it hurted so much!!
Racist is always in your intimate space :
Racism & Bigotry don't always march down the street. Sometimes the racist & bigot sits down at your dinner table & asks you to pass the bread. Those are the ones who surprise you! Racism grows & festere in your intimate space & behind the close door! The racist always belittles the black person by their irony & annoying language & that racist is always your accomplice, your associative, the person you know & love & who look just like you. No one born is racist but after living in the atmosphere where racism are penetrated deeply the new child will automatically become racist!!
To see that disgusting & vicious incident I felt really disappointment & infuriating that still in 21th century people think about color & race. Still white people detest black people. Initially I thought that due to the advancement of people’s thinking, it might be the end of this mediocre taboo but I was completely wrong still there are some racist & bigot who are continuing to create dogmatism by their poor & hapeless thinking!
We have to nip the Racism in the bud! May God halt the plague of racism, bigot, dogmatism & prejudice of color from the mind of those peoples & give wisdom of living together affably without any bias of color or race to these people!!

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