Offering Nothing but Their Toil, Sweat & Blood

(Sadia qazi, )

Offering Nothing but Their Toil, Sweat & Blood

Sadia Awais

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. Defence Day of Pakistan is celebrated to honour the victory and arduouscombat professionalism of the Pakistan Armed Forces exhibited in the war of 1965 when India attacked Pakistan at night and dreamed of a swift victory. But this dream of Indian Army to enjoy at gymkhana Lahore was not only incapacitated but India was woken from its slumber of pride and vanity with Pakistan’s clear message that Pakistan was a nation created to stay on the face of the earth till end of times and it is not a country to be mess with. Pakistan Army’s message was loud and clear that whether its day or night, they are not sleeping and they will always be guarding, watching and prepared.

Defenceday is also celebrated to not only remember and reiterate the events of that war but also to commemoratethe un-equalled&un-paralleled sacrifices by the Armed Forces of Pakistan. Without doubt, offering one’s life in the life of defence is the biggest of the sacrifices. Many stories of unmatched gallantry are etched in history by the blood of the martyrs. Every story is filled with the steel resolve and un-wavered dedication to safeguard the mother land. These are my heroes, the sons of the soil.

Whether it be barricading enemy on the borders and fighting off internal enemies terrorising the stateor itmay be the tiring times of natural calamities, Pakistan Armed Forces has assured to strengthen and fortify Pakistan by leaving no stone unturned. The services of the Pakistan Armed Forces are not limited to guarding the boundaries only. The pivotal role it plays in the solidification of the nation is undeniable. In times of the catastrophes, Pakistan Armed Forces are the first to respond. From carrying out rescue operations to providing relief to the affected, Pakistan Armed Forces has always been in the front row. When the earthquake struck Pakistan, the Armed Forces extended their all resources to provide help to the maximum. In times of floods too, Pakistan Armed Forces have provided with the swift response executing salvage and relief operations. Without the mobilization of the resources of Armed Forces it would have been near to impossible to save that many lives.

The soldiers have always shown an un-matched illustration of bravery. Reaching out to the victims and risking their own lives, they have always come forward with the enthusiasm and life-force to contain the situation. Wadding through the flood waters reaching out to the trapped and evacuating them to a safer place; many a times these sons have to carry children and old in their arms and take them ashore.

But the services of these sons are not limited to rescuing the lives. These relief missions have earned respect and gratitude from all the society. Providing the victims with shelter, food and water has been the supreme priority in these circumstances. In the relief missions, the men and women of Pakistan Armed Forces have provided the victims with not just the requisites but also with the health care.

Whether it be helping the countrymen or aiding the sufferers in other countries, these professional forces have contributed to add to the reverence of the country. Serving with the peace missions of the United Nations, Pakistan Armed Forces has set a remarkable example. Set by illustration, they have exhibited a perfect sense of responsibility. Not only by countering the aggression but also by sharing love and care they have won hearts of the people in the war affected countries.

The dimensions of war have been changed in the new millennia. The conventional warfare has defied boundaries. Pakistan Armed forces is providing resistance on many frontlines. Along with defending our borders from foreign violations, they have to challenge the elements declaring war against the state. For the last almost two decades the Pakistan Armed Forces have been defending against the terrorists trying to de-stabilize the country. Starting with the operations in swat against the militants, Pakistan has come a long way.From Raah-e-Raast and Raah-e-Nijaat to successfully initiating Zarb-e-Azb and finally Radd-ul-Fasaad, Pakistan has been through a lot many sacrifices.

Cleansing off the lands from malevolent rudiments is not an easy trade. Consistent vigilance and incessant exertions are to be made. Pakistan Army is building up roads in the tribal areas to link the far beyond lands thus adding to the nation building services. Along with the contribution in creating infrastructures, Pakistan Army is creating better life opportunities by providing free education to their children. Though these efforts are initialized at a minor gage but it will surely generate an immense difference. In some areas, where there was infrastructural damage, Pakistan Army constructed model villages providing the never before infrastructure in the far flung areas.

But many precious lives of the soldiers have been claimed in these charges as well. Serving the nation has been the utmost objective of these sons of motherland. These soldiers have truly shown that these soldiers are tough when they are tested by animosity and are caring for the people of their motherland equally. The shaheeds and Ghazis of our Pakistan Armed Forces are a pride for the nation and our Nation salutes each one of them as these Heroes are the pillar for the strength and invincibility of Pakistan.

The Defense Day is a day to mark our hearts with remembrance of those who sacrificed their lives for us, for Pakistan and to honour those who are still standing affirm, vigilant and resilient guarding us. Salute to the sons of soil who ensure our safety by keeping our frontiers safe. Salute to the alertness of the soldiers who look out day and night for all the internal and external enemies so that we can have a calm day and a peaceful sleep. Salute to the un-swaying resolve of the soldiers who bear the atrocities of the harsh weathers; from the scorching deserts to the icy glaciers. Salute to the valour of the soldiers who look in the face of the death with no fear. Salute to the fervour of soldiers who desire the stature of shahadat. Salute to the young soldiers who fall in love with their uniform in the prime of their youth. Salute to the soldiers who leave their families behind in the determination to provide safety to all the families of the country. Salute to the resolve of the soldiers who leave behind the shadow of their mothers, the companionship of their brides and the smiles of their children so that they can protect the smiles of the nation from the enemies. Salute to the sheer passion of the soldiers who fight with valour and gallantry on all fronts. Salute to the charm of the soldiers who manage to smile and keep their spirits high in the worst of times. Salute to the saviours who come to help in tiring times of calamities. Salute to the soldiers who provide rescue and relief in floods and earthquakes. Salute the bravery of the soldiers who walk into the death peril with daring heroism. Salute to the soldiers who are fighting day & night with internal and external threats. Salute to the gallantry of soldiers who shed their blood in the line of defence. Salute to the ardent zest of the soldiers who pay the price of the defence by enduring injuries and disabilities. Salute to the zealous gusto of the soldiers who toil hard and deliver resistance against hostility. Salute to the soldiers who strive to make defence of Pakistan invincible. Salute to the gracious and august soldiers who make Armed Forces not their profession but their way of life.

The services delivered by the Armed Forces of Pakistan cannot be venerated in words. Their tireless efforts mark the defence of Pakistan with an ultimate assurance to safeguard the country at all heads. This nation is proud and honoured to have such sons. The sacrifices of these brave men are what makeour defence indomitable. Today, the whole nation stands by our soldiers who are guarding our facades. These soldiers will never be forgotten and will live in our hearts forever. The soil has been coloured with the blood of the martyrs and injured and this colour is a promise of a better time. Salute to all the soldiers of Pakistan Armed Forces who are sacrificing their today for our tomorrow.

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