Suicide, A more expanded issue

(Amit Sukhani, Mithi)

Don't suicide. Life is beautiful.

The most convoluted society where humans are writhing hard to survive. Where there is no value of human's life as they are dying like ants under feet. Humans are killed by different viciousness but suicide is the most unique to discuss as it's rate has increased so much nowadays, mostly in illiterate, uneducated and destitute areas.

Today's people became very sensitive regarding their thinking and feelings. They want happiness all time but don't want to face woes once; they want appreciation all time but don't want criticism once; they want respect all time but don't want rage of someone once. If one gets crumbs of sufferings in his life then he/she takes no time to think about to kill himself/herself rather than to solve it by living.

I have experienced four to five suicide cases in recent five months ,whose causes were just ridiculous and laughable. One woman got fight with her husband and got suicide. One boy got suicide just because his father didn't give him money for Mobile. One boy wanted to marry with his desired girl but his family refused so he got suicide. One girl killed herself to get rid from her family’s restrictions and Society’s taboos. Creep! Causes of above all suicide cases are ludicrous to say the least. Why they chose death as their permanent solution of problems?

These suicide cases have increased the confidence among the children and other people to do their desired deeds. If one boy doesn't get his desired things ( mobile, money etc.) from his father then he daunts and menaces his family to suicide to get his desired things which compelled his family. It's the main reason for the children to fall for bad things because their families are not ready for caveat against the deeds of their children just because they have a fear that their son might get suicide. I am going to share one incident like that which I have experienced with my eyes that there was one boy whose intermediate result didn't go well so his brother used irony language to warn him to ameliorate his study but that boy took it very heartily and texted all his family member that I am going to kill myself .But his family reached on time and saved him from getting suicide. And now the same boy fell for smoking, gutka and many other bad addictions but his family didn't apprise him despite knowing all. So this is serious cause for any youth to fall for bad things.

Mostly the people from illiterate, under developed, destitute and conservative villages choose this kind of mediocre solution of their problems. I haven't heard that, the people from elite class, developed city or any well educated area, get suicide. So I think education would play a very important role to cease the suicidal rate. In well educated countries or areas, parents give liberty to their sons/daughters to live their desired life, they don't implicit their command on their sons/daughters ,they don't believe in Society's futile taboos. But in uneducated and illiterate villages parents hold their sons/daughters , don't allow their children beyond their conservatives , always take Society's taboos in their sons/daughters any decision . So from these annoying from restrictions , their sons/daughters choose suicide as their solution. So if we give proper education to these illiterate areas and counsel about parenting child and other issues, then it would be beneficial for them.

And resources play a major role too in obliteration of suicidal rate. There are lot of people who got suicide, just because of poverty and lack of resources they had. So if we own a well apposite resources then I don't think this suicide would remain as common as today is.

But in my opinion, by any mean human shouldn't get suicide. Suicide is just cowardness, nothing more. If one gets suicide to get impunity from their life woes, then he/she will always be known as coward. This is life's mantra of success that “ Always survivor and sufferer gets his desired thing” . If you become staunch regarding your aim despite all the woes, failures and other sinister then you would be a best achiever. And if while fighting with all these problems, you loose your life then you would be known as a best fighter. But without any effort, you kill yourself to get impunity from life’s miserable states that you only would be known as coward nothing much.

No any creed, no any religion, no any book suggests you to suicide as your lack of problems. So please don't think about suicide. It always let you call coward. This is not a bravest move by any mean.

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