“Hope Is Always Alive for Changes”

(Hamsha Hameed, Karachi)

poverty reamain same after all the promises.

Pakistan is a country and strong state for all the Muslims among all over the world. Its population is increasing gradually, here people make their hope and solution problem from the government to solve and style their country much better than before. There are 71 years is passed after the accomplishment of Pakistan. The poverty, economics, residence, water crises are the main issues.

Budget is the most significant thing for all of our weather we are rich poor or a common people of the country. A new government is a Special know that he had a lot of responsibilities of poor lower middle-class people this has been their first chance to work for people and prove themselves that they have the ability to do something for their people and take out our country from breakdown to aloft. It would be the sound of changes was moving to surround universally before the election had been done that Pakistan would be the role perfect for other Islamic states.

All the government especially some of them they just work for a federal and specific province they have been never worked on the basis of equality and justice. Most probably Pakistan public wants some changes not only in their country but also in their life and current situation or bad position living pattern style without the basic facilities of life.

The petroleum and gas rate changes are kept effect on our other goods and items automatically. So when they increased its rate so it certainly effects on the life of a common citizen, which is not just only the interference or make them hopeless disappoints from the government which he gave him a vote on the base of hope on the base of the changes of the condition of our country its life and make them better.

Probably foreign minister said that our mini-budget is in the favor of poor and middle-class people, on the other hand, it is not seeming to like that. The Increase rate on Tobacco Cigarette, Imported Vehicle and cell phone were similarly effecting on the regular routine life ultimately. The thing which is the matter for a poor man is better and equal education, Suitable Health facilities and a house improving. So, far it would be a beautiful fantasy in all the government and all the changes in the country. The circumstance of a poor people is always same it doesn’t change or make any difference for them.

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