Knowledge: The crucial obligation

(Maryam Rehman, Karachi)

Human society is on the verge of experiencing, processing and making use of the vast amount of knowledge present and on the brink of exposure.

Education is not to prepare a person for his professional life,rather, education is to prepare a person for life, enabling him to succeed in life as a whole.

Islam is regarded as a religion of learning and knowledge. This is obvious when one takes a look at Quran which is filled with references to learning and education. The very first verse of the Qur'an revealed to prophet Muhammad (PeaceBe Upon Him): "Recite, in the name of thy lord who created man from a clot. Recite, and thy Lord is the most generous who taught by the pen, taught man that which he knew not." (Qur'an: 96:1-5)

Allah also stated in the holy Qur'an that, "Are those who have knowledge and those who have no knowledge alike? Only the men of understanding are mindful." (Qur'an, 39:9)
The process of learning starts right after birth and the mental faculties grows until death.

The most crucial obligation on us is to acquire knowledge and to practice and preach this knowledge. Ibn Masjid ( Allah be pleased with him) reported that the messenger of Allah, prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said: "The position of only two persons is enviable; the person whom Allah bestowed wealth empowering him to spend it in the way of righteousness, and the person whom Allah gave wisdom with which he adjudged and which he teaches to others."

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