Important Of Education

(Aisha Noor, Jhuddo , Sindh)

Education is important for everyone regardless of gender .Education is power and to have impact we should be educated , for education escapes us from the darkness of illiteracy . Opportunities are open to educated persons .And educated people have many opportunities to establish a luminous future for himself.

Educated person think differently and they can make deference in the society by their thinking .Education enables us to deffrentiate between right and wrong , it enables us to make right decision in life .

About 163 millions young childrens are deprived to have access to schools around the world and about more than half of a millions are girls in them.Education is the right of every single child . Education enables us to read and write ,it empowers us and it gives us knowledge about many fields /areas.

Once a professor from the South Africa wrote a message to his all doctor , masters and intermediate students that "to destroy a nation you don't have need to use nuclear bombs and missiles , for to destroy a nation just simply destroy the stander of education in that nation and allow their students to copy in the exams and let them do hypocritic things as patients in the hands of such doctors die , buildings made by such engineers hand fall down , money in the hands of such cashiers lost ,humanity dies in the hands of such religion scholars and justice in the hands of such judges get depraved . By falling the stander of the education in a nation you can ruin that nation ". Through this message we can learn the importance of education profoundly.

Malala Yousafzai the corking and extolled daughter of Pakistan ( from the north of Pakistan , the sawat valley ) stood up for the right of education and got shot in the head by the talibans (terrorists ) when one day she was returning back to home from the school along with her other friends and school mates , in a bus . Still she raised her voice in very young age for the right of education .She said " one child ,one teacher , one book and one pen can change the world ". Education is the only weapon we have to bring a change in the world .

An illiterate man has eyes but he can't see , he has ears but he can't listen ,he has tounge to speak up but his words has no power , he has hands but his hands hold no power ,he has mind but he has no knowledge ,such illiterate people has to depend on others all through their life .

As earlier I stated that only education can bring a change in the world , it also can help us to bring progress into our country. We should emphasize on getting education and our governments should co - operate with local peoples to ensure that every child in the country is having access to education .

Conclusion , we can't deny that education is so important for any nation . Education is the only solution to bring true our dreams and enable us to reach to our destination .In Islam it says " if you are supposed to go China for getting education then you are allowed " .Education is the right of everyone regardless of gender and we can't deny it .

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