Why the government fears the irrelevant social media?


Why the government fears the irrelevant social media

Social media was probably created with the aim that color and race and religion make the world a real universe. We will be able to share our sad teachings in real time, but we will also solve many common issues. After wheel inventory, the most important inventory is the Internet. Social media has always banned people's deprivation, news contractors have lost their responsibility now. If someone refuses to print my article then I will put it on Facebook. In those states, social media tried to wear cyber chains, ten and 15-year-old children broke these chains. This is a platform on which anyone can express their feelings.

Social media, where people have been given freedom to talk, also connect with the hearts of connected sons. Pakistani youth are not behind this race, and so far, many girls, including India, have been compelled by love for love, which includes India. South Africa Christian girl Zehra Vanilel arrested the neighbor of the neighbor with Pakistani youth, "Dolly" came from Sharjah. According to the figures of "PV Research", a U.S. research agency, a large number of American youth, increased their romantic ties with the help of internet, social websites, mobile phones and other technology.

35% of young and romantic people who use Internet and social media across the United States are disturbed by romantic relationships, while 86% are in school and educational romantic are with their romantic friends. According to experts, who look at social behavior, youth and change times, large-scale youth have to face romance in their educational institutions around the world. Young people focus on their romantic relationships, including curriculum and non-academic activities. In the world where the educational revolution has revolutionized, natural love has started in educational institutions.
It was a matter of heart and was linked to heart.

Its negative use including Pakistan has come across the world. Problems with fake accounts have started, many women are being punished by men by blackmail. Recently, the FIA filed a case against former DG Gilgit-Baltistan. They have been accused of photographing former wife's photographs on Facebook. Similarly, there are many events that are ignored for the society. According to the FIA reports, the cyber crime cell has often received complaints. 2,295 complaints have been received this year, 255 prisoners are registered and 209 people have been arrested. Crime was also heard in spreading the evil of religion and hatred. This year cyber crime rate is higher than last year.

Governments' measures around the world feel that the biggest threat is social media. During the moderate elections in the United States, more than 30 other government accounts have been closed during the United States, the allegations on the results were affecting election results, while it was Russian and French languages

Recently, social hand is called behind the protest wave in Pakistan. According to Information Minister Fuad Chaudhary, more than 100 people are suffering from inflammatory accounts. Some government charges are also correct because TV channels and newspapers were in government control, which did not complain to the Supreme Court's order until the decision of the Christian case. There was a lot of noise on social media when the Prime Minister declared himself a small part of the dangerous threat of his speech on television. He mentioned the protesters in his own words, but did not even mention what they say.

Earlier, a state government has issued a list of Twitter accounts, which is placed in the list of watches when criticized by different references.

The government coming to power on social media is now afraid of social media. It wants to add this unspecified horse with the "develop" loop. It wants that each of its black bears should be seen on the black and white "all over the feet", Zia, sunset, depth of stone, wall to wall, dirt and infidels. Write lucky; Green green, golden paths, pigeons green flowers are offered in Chaman.

The government should see social media. Unbearable, hate content can stop, but also criticizes and criticizes critics because sound and fraud always harm.

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