Death of Social Sciences

(Ammara Irfan, )

The mythology that has been sold to the entire Muslim world and especially in Pakistan is that our ills stem for our backwardness in science and technology. Hence science and technology in Pakistan has become the holy grail for progress and development , shunting out the social sciences.

Everyone is willing to invest in science and technology. Funds were lavished on science and technology. We have made the atomb bomb , we have made missiles , but we have not be able to ensure that the plug for a mobile charger fits snugly in the wall socket. Each one of us goes around from one point to another trying to find a socket wherein the plug will snugly fit without sparks. But this deterioration in plug’s quality has happened only over the last twenty years despite all the funds lavished on science and technology.

Another example of covered drains. We studied in our history books that 5,000 years ago cities of the ancient civilizations of Harappa and Moenjodaro used to have covered drains and streets bisecting at right angles. We have successful in making atom bombs and missiles but have not been able to master the technology that can build or maintain covered drains or build cities with streets bisecting at right angles.

I think the reason for our backwardness is not that we are backward in science and technology but because we are backward in our social ethics. We are backward because we de-emphasizing social science and technology.

Only by becoming a better human being , a better citizen who is socially interactive , can we get out of the malaise that afflicts us. Let us go for promotion of social sciences

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