No Child Under Age Of 14 Should Be Employed

(Faiza Chaudary, Karachi)

Child Labour is a crime

Pakistan’s 1973 constitution contains many rights but the main problem is the awareness that people are not having knowledge about basic rights, similarly Article 11 states that,
“Article 11 of the Constitution adopted in 1973, and amended in 2015, includes the following provisions:
(1) Slavery is non-existent and forbidden and no law shall permit or facilitate its introduction into Pakistan in any form.
(2) All forms of forced labour and traffic in human beings are prohibited
(3) No child below the age of Fourteen years shall be engaged in any factory or mine or any other hazardous employment.

The child below the age fourteen cannot work as a labour in any factory or any mine because children are the symbol of development for any country. In Pakistan children under age 5 to 14 are 40 million and it is estimated that 8 million of them are child labours and working in different factories. Child labour effects the mental health and is considered as a social harm for children as in recent few years the ratio of child employment is on highest peak and they are getting education for their future. The main purpose of child labour is the poverty which ask them to work for the survival of family and it is also determined that education in Pakistan is very expensive and looking towards government institutes there is lack of facilities which is not very much effective for educational scenario.

As child labour is a social crime but there is no act against it and the main purpose is the lack of awareness among people they even don’t know the basic rights and this is a negative image for any country that they even don’t have knowledge about their basic rights, in recent few years many NGO’s are working on child labour and somehow they resolve it but the main purpose is the poverty that children wants to get education but family background doesn’t allow them to learn. The child starts to work in early age and cannot get education and does not learn basics of good living. This act reduces the child future and they depend on low earning because they considered it as their live.

So overall it is our duty to share knowledge about these rights and aware people that children are the angels they should learn to develop their future.

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