Believe on your self

(Iqra Batool, Shorkot cantt)

I have seen many people who says believe on your self but only 2% told how? i want to share my life experience with you, because i know there are a lot of people which do not come forward due to lack of confidence and believe on him/her self. i want to tell you that believe is the only power through which you can defeat any one but point is  that which type of believe it should be? it should be just like that in which people what says and what thoughts but you should no concern with them because except you, No one know what you can do or not? Believe is the power which gave you will power to you to go forward and told you how you could made your mark in life but confidence is also necessarily because it compel you to do something ,without it you can only think but cannot do nothing. I want to told you a little story of my life but it was a great success for me and i could not forgot it. I was studied in 9th class, before reached in 9th class i studied with fully concentrate and always took position, but in 9th class i fall in some irregular activities so i could not concentrate and resulted i gained only passing marks instead of position ant thank God i passed because i do not concentrated on my study so in front of it it was a big achievement but in 10th class i realized my mistake and started to study with serious manner because i knew i could good gain marks and i believed on my self and seriously i gained good marks in 10th.(in 9th class 279 marks but in 10th 400 marks which i gained) so it was the great i advised you believe on your self and let the people on their own condition, because some people could not seen of anyone to became successful so they tried to stopped them and did all those things through which they could stopped them.. so not gave any attention to their useless talk.....

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