The importance of choices

(Asma Tariq, Gujrat)

"My life My choices ", today this line is much famous among youngs .Although it is good one but we usually use it in making excuses for the things we have done in order to prevent us from it's effective response. But if we try to analyze it with little deep , we 'll realize that the choices are much important for life than any other thing.

People often ask what's the importance of choices in life. My reply is always this, it has the importance in life as the blood has. These 're the choices that basically make person . Every minute you have to choose what's important for you. .and it is not an easy task in fact requires great sensibility .

It's all your choices that determine you, it's all about quality performance that describes you. It's standards that build you. So raise your standards , improve your choices and enhance your performance .

It's not only about money, it's not about resources, it's about quality .It's not about brands but decency . It's not about limits but values, it's not about arrogancy but humility, it's not about societies but civilization, and it's about quality life.

A person who can't spend time with himself, doesn't know anything about himself. He doesn't know what he likes or dislikes as he has no choice and then that choices are determined by others according to their methodology and he becomes a blind follower .Your choices are the only things that turn your future in the way you want and make you what you want to be.Be flexible with changes in your plans .To become more peaceful person, you must have to prioritise being flexibility over ridigity most of the time. Don't sweat with with small stuff and all that is small stuff. The biggest illusion we have in life is that when we can’t achieve something that means we start to believe  that we’re lacking adequate resources and money . Most of the time we don’t have enough mone and even don’t have enough capability but all that is not about these but the quality we attain in our way towards progress that's matter and that can be achievable when we make right choices .

In this life it's very hard to get something that suddenly changes your life , it's impossible . In fact you can't get that changes if haven't adopt certain habits related to that particular thing with the help of choices you choosed for. Like if you want to be a leader, you need to build the habits of a leader by making choices related to that.


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