Are you living dead?

(Mohemmed Waqar, )

Fatima Rasheed

“Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work”, says Gustave Flaubert, but here’s the question: are we?

Your justification for being regular and orderly in your life must be the life you are living in right now. You wake up on time get done with your morning routine, go to the required place you are supposed to reach in time ,come home, eat, get done with the homework you might have, maybe workout or spend some time with family, eat, sleep and repeat, putting the same routine on loop for the rest of the years. Yes you are earning a living, or maybe you are getting top-notch grades. Yes vacation, and sterling food amuses you. Definitely you are living a normal ordinary life one lives, and you are somewhat satisfied with it.

In the midst of all, have you ever realized the fact that how contented you are with living worthless: living dead?. Your sustenance doesn’t make any contrast. You are the same organic decaying material as everything else. It’s haunting - the feeling - that the life you are endeavoring for rationally is futile.

Do you ever realize it? The answer to it is no! Let me tell you why...

Everyone around us resides the same mechanic lifestyle, the reason why none of us stands out or feels odd but the people who do they are called leaders, inspiration and role models, why? Because choose to be divergent, they live antithetical, they are not okay with living ordinary: dying nameless.

Question yourself today. Is your presence in this world making a difference? If you die will that affect your surroundings in anyway? Maybe not, because what you are doing today is what everyone does everyday, nothing discrete. We are just competing in the same race of living lavishly, not distinctively.

Its okay to lavish yourself, but it’s not okay to waste your time in which you might have been able to utilize productively, and effectively instead. “The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.” ― Jack London. When you’re busy just watching another series of your favorite celebrities who are hard-pressed achieving their milestones. It's just a façade, a hoax, a lie. It's not that they aren’t human, or they breathe differently, it's just the will of being exceptional , not living useless, not dying nameless. No one will remember how perfectly you frittered away your time complaining or just being customary rather people would remember how great of a person you were, your actions your words which had an impact, your uniqueness, your unsung song, your masked talent. Make yourself worth remembering. Make yourself worth living. Don’t be a waste, and a burden on this Earth. Try to contribute: leave a mark!

It's never too late, it's always the right time. Stop confusing happiness with relaxation. Happiness is when you aspire, the feeling of accomplishment which makes you proud of who you are. Life is all about creating yourself.

Question yourself as to what it is that you are creating, and how you are contributing to the society? If the answer to that is nothing, then just get your feet off the ground ,put yourself out out there, find your passion- start living. It is not that complicated, may be start painting ,writing, acting, helping others, or simply doing an internship might help. These little things count: feel accomplished.

Life is a game, play it, life is a challenge, meet it. Life is an opportunity, capture it. In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take. Do not let your flair panache get engraved with you as you elevate to eternity because once you die you are dead: at least live alive.

The Writer's Alma-mater is LGS and She is doing A Levelsfrom there.She exuberantly writes for social causes that inculcate edifying society.

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