It's not poverty which kills man, it's injustice

(Areeba Sial, Khairpur Mirs)

Ever wondered "Why robin hood was considered a hero despite the fact what he did was totally wrong?"What I believe is that he was one to figure out variance between poverty and injustice. Let us now explore poverty and injustice .Just think for a send, is it poverty which asks man to bury himself under the graves of misery? If your answer is yes, then listen!

John was a eight year old African boy .He had steady eye contact, spoke well and had average IQ but was referred for treatment by his school for aggression, being unable to focus and declining grades. He took therapy which he took two times per week. The treatment was so difficult and painful. The reason he suffered from such anxiety and depression was his fellows yelling racial slurs at him. As he was not the same in color as his fellows were, they all teased him which made him develop inferiority complex.

Now, this is what we all need to understand. Poverty does not create misery it is discrimination that kills, and discrimination is essence of injustice.

What if a rich who orders trips to paradise during holidays presents some of his wealth to a man who wakes up in the mid of night, feeling grumbling with hungry tummy over an open roof and empty plates. Wouldn't it be fine with him? No it can never be. Because the tale has continued for ages that weak and small had always been trodden by mighty and powerful.But, now it’s time to listen to those whispers of oceans and shouting lands which cry for humanity.

Furthermore,not only racial and status injustice respire in our society. Gender, religious and many other inequalities are welcomed in this world. Out of those gender inequality is the most pathetic Being a woman of this society is than a curse. not more than a curse.. The cages which men have built for women is their liberty I would say precisely.One thing which bothers me a lot is that “How could us, the society of homosapiens would succeed when half of us are held back? When half of are deprived of education and when half of us are buried alive?”

Sometimes I want to ask God why he allows injustice in world although he can do anything, but I fear what if he asks me the same question?So we should all start from ourselves and then see how the world changes .Again it is true that you alone cannot change the world but you can cast stone in waters to create ripples and I believe that these ripples will not let anyone sit idly.

Consequently, Robin Hood was not a thief he was a rebellion against injustice and it is probably true that when injustice becomes law rebellion becomes duty. In this world we all are equal and should try to know what is not needed by us is right of the one who is deprived of it. Perhaps, poverty is not a misfortune it is injustice which turns it to a curse. Moreover, no one of us is Trans, black blue, white or purple. We all are humans and this is the wildest secret of our lives. We should never be neutral in the situation of justice, if we did so we are oppressors.

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