Freedom of speech

(Jahanzaib Iqbal, Lahore)

In the era of democracy, freedom of speech is a fundamental right of people in many countries of the world, including Pakistan, it allows the citizen to share their opinions and see that it is also beneficial for the country to get feedback from the citizen. It is a The way to participate in the growth of the country is that if you say that freedom mean borders,then you are wrong it also create a problem.When you say something, then you must have some responsibility towards the country's policy and the personal life of the people who live in the country. You should keep in mind that your thoughts can hurt people's feelings. Freedom of expression does not mean that you have the right to talk about people's personal lives. There are many examples of the negative use of freedom and expression as the newspaper. In the article published in 2005, the writer draws the image of our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in reaction, many Islamic countries around the world show anger and aggression,That harmed the Muslim community. Sometimes freedom also comes into conflict with personal life as an insert, it is also a violation of human dignity.

To summarize, we need to find an appropriate definition of freedom of expression and regulation of expression.

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