Mother killed the Daughter

(Hamsha Abdul Hameed, Karachi)

Daughter killed with her mother hand

Pakistan has made since 71years ago but still, all problems are as same as the first day of Pakistan. People are suffered from different basic needs of their life. Yesterday one sad incident happened in Karachi. When a mother through her 2-year little baby in a lake. Mother had taken this unexpected step due to some financial issues. According to the police this incident happened near Farhan Shaheed Park DHA phase 8.SSP peer Muhammad Shah said that they had arrested the victim women shakila Rashid after pointing out the residence of that area. People informed to the police that the lady killed her little daughter and throwing in a lake.

According to peer Muhammad Shah, her daughter dead body had received today near Do-Darya Lake. Police cut FIR against the lady and arrest her, and called in a court for remand.SSP investigation Tariq Dharijo said that lady record her statement in front of him. Her husband gave her divorce before 1month and takeout from his home. His father was also not allowed to his home. She was suffering from these entire circumstances from one place to another. That is why she took this apathetic electorate step and get rid her little baby. She also says I also attempt suicides after killed her. Police further said that Shakila leave in the Area Golimar Karachi and his husband was the employer in a private hospital.

The question is how long this inhumanity incident will happen in our country. When the government provides them with a shelter home for the widow and divorced women’s so they will save the life of their family and also secure herself.

This serious heartsick is an alarming sign for the government that they need to take any strong and helpful step to secure them and also stop this kind of incident in our nation.

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