Definition of corruption:
A colloquial definition of corruption is when a person with power will snatch the livelihood of a person with eligibility, and gives a chance to a person who doesn't not stand the merit by paying handsome amount. It is the root cause of all ills in India and its Socioeconomic backwardness.
It is a method and a technique adopted just to bypass the rule of law and engulfing the whole system into socio-economic turmoil. Furthermore, corruption, being the mother of all ills, gives birth to multifarious problems including nepotism, favoritism and negating meritocracy, transparency and accountability. It is an established fact that the cruelty shows its influence as the rule of law is abrogate. Corruption which is root cause of all evils in the motherland. The poor are sidelined, the rich are bestowed, the needy are ignored and the affluent are delivered. However, the story does not end here. The socio-economic situation is much more dubious and gloomier than as expected. It has been a cause of great disturbance for our peaceful society. This problem has reached an alarming position for the last decade or so. Now it has really become a threat for our safety and society. That is why It needs to be tackled immediately. It is important to mention here that this evil is not limited to our society or country only but is has spread in the whole world.

This worldwide problem has been disturbing the whole world but, in our country, especially in our Kashmir its intensity has greatly increased for the last few years. The causes of the spread of corruption are many but the important ones are:

1.The major cause of corruption in our society is our defective administrative system. The administrative high ups behave so none seriously and carelessly in important matters that it results in untold troubles for our society.

2.It is the duty of check evil results of it but no efforts are being made to control the problem of corruption.

3.Another major cause of the public with the Govt. in such matters counts a lot. It is bitter fact that our public is not serious to co-operate with the Govt. to crush this evil. The following step is suggested to tackle this problem.

4.The administrative of the country should be strengthened because the strong Govt. Set up can solve such problems effectively.

5.Literacy rate of the country should be improved because only education and literate society can be aware of such problems. The people should be aware of their responsibilities and co-operate with the Govt. They should take keen interest in the matters of national interests.

All these things that I told you can eradicate this social evil from our society. The eradication of this evil means the welfare and betterment of our society.

Enough of apathy and negligence, the need of the hour is to join hands on all fronts by all members and areas of society to ouster this curse. If India wants to run in the race of socio-economic development, evils like corruption do not fit in the scenario.

The best idea about to stop corruption is to introspect, awareness of consciousness and self realization. Right away you are finding people giving vociferous presentations on corruption, but if you see them meticulously, they are their selves corrupt in big scandals. So is the reason why we should be ideal first overselves, then if your put a step forward towards others will not be bad. Other way is to give a religious knowledge to the people, this may also be helpful.

So, corruption is mostly hallmark of the people who are religious retarded. People who are really empathetic will never think of it. They are always happy with their own possessions AND LIVE A JUBILANT LIFE.

May Allah guide everyone close to the truth.

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