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Neom city will be built by humans and maintain by Robots , as I don't know from where these robots will come in but I dream as an overseas manpower promoter that these humans should be from Pakistan who will participate in building this mega city , it seems fantasy but not impossible it needs to be proactive , hard work with dedication and strong follow up by our current government though our Ministry and utilize our best relationships with the Holy Land.

At present our country anxiously need foreign reserves and this is the best way to generate the same by exporting our manpower , through this our government can rapidly increase the foreign revenue which will not be a loan or aid.

I personally think that in recent coming visit of King Muhammad Bin Salman to Pakistan our concern authorities should try to get chance to discuss Pakistani Manpower availability for $500 billion futuristic city NEOM which will be the largest source of Oil free economy and this is the most vital city at the moment, as per report it will bigger than Dubai .

Saudi Govt. itself focusing on non-oil revenue that is why I believe they may take interest in our request , they need manpower until 2025 for building residential and tourism places in NEOM It is expected that the private airport for commercial flights will be started by year-end, this is the ideal time to capture the foreign manpower needs of this city, otherwise rest of Kingdom's economical conditions are not ideal for overseas foreign workers recruitment.

Now we should realize that in Saudi Arabia only Oil free related business can flourish and NEOM is the largest non oil revenue generator . If we will get success in getting a good quota for this city than it may really improve the promoters business and our country's foreign remittance.

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