Be happy in this moment

(Kaneez ayesha, Faisalabad)

Today is Thursday and I am in the university, in my surroundings there is a lot of girls and their sweet and sharp voices strike with my ears. So, this is the one side of the place where I am siting but the attractive side of the place is on the other hand which I discuss now, there is sunlight, tress and grass ,but the most fascinating thing for me is sunlight may be not for you but for me this is by the way, as we all know the winter comes to its end so it's time to cherish the sunshine or sunlight of winter. I am enjoying this moment .

Are you enjoying this moment? I hope so your answer is yes. So where ever you are ,enjoy the moment .Because little things makes you happy man as well as sad men so it is up to you. Everything posses something special in it but this is also up to you .some people make ordinary thing special and some make special thing ordinary .so, who are you?

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