The culture of Pakistan

(Nadeem Israr, Karachi)

Pakistan: The land of diversified cultures

From starting of world, when people started to live in groups. They experienced some kind of rituals about their living, hunting and making fun when they were in leisure which varied from groups to groups. This type of thing which evolved between them can be taken as the starting of culture. These were the very essence of cultures which differentiated the groups of people among them. So in this manner, the culture started to grow spontaneously. These basic elements then resulted to create the languages and then usually on the basis of languages transformed into the shape of nations. So, the resultant of this all saga tells that main factor to transform the all humankind is nothing but culture.

As we come to the culture of Pakistan and study it thoroughly, then we find that the only substance which was caused to make this country is nothing but culture. From the very starting of the freedom struggles, we can single out that culture was the main factor which geared up to start the struggle for separate nation. As we, being the Muslims had different culture as compared to others. They were Hindus and followers of other religions. So, it looked very difficult to live the lives as per commandants of Islam, in case the British quit India. So, in this considerable situation to provide safeguard to our culture, our ancestors started struggle of Pakistan movement. They decided to receive a country named Pakistan where they could easily and freely can act upon the teaching of Islam. Once upon a time the main leader of Pakistan movement Muhammad Ali Jinnah said in a gathering that they were to going to get a country, which would be like a laboratory where the Islamic ideas would be tasted and acted upon thereafter. So, coming to the point about the culture of Pakistan after the coming into the being of Pakistan. For this purpose if we delve deeply upon it, we find that our culture is not meant as same as we were promised at the time of independence of our country. It has changed on three hundred sixty degree. If we examine thoroughly, we find that the main reason for this drastic change is the deaths of leaderships who were very committed and sincere with the goals of making the country at the very early time to formation of country. Second, from very starting, the country had to look towards developed countries of Europe and America, this factor caused to transfused their culture to prevail onto ours. As we were the receptors before those nations, so we were being reluctant, could not take the stand to check their culture from penetrating into ours and gradually we started to sink into their culture. Now a days, using their culture and especially their languages is taken as the only ladder, ascending on which one can attain the zenith of progress. As conclusion, it looks better that we should grasp the knowledge and advancement not on the cost of our culture. Because, it shows some type of hollowness within us and creates a sense of inferiority complex in general on national level. It is also true said that which nations which cannot save their culture, they don’t have to exist on the map of world.

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