6-ways how a teacher can identify a dyslexic student in the classroom

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)

All those students who feel stern trouble in understanding written contents are known as Dyslexic Students. It is pertinent to mention that the brain and intelligence of Dyslexic Students are in order, but their learning capacity is slow in comparison to non-Dyslexic Students. A dyslexic student is generally shy or too much speaking-bearer. His too much irrelevant talks recognizes him as a dyslexic person. The following six (6) characteristics are found in a dyslexic student through which a teacher can identify a dyslexic student in the classroom.
1) Too much shy or too much speaking: The one prominent way through which a teacher recognizes a dyslexic student by way of his shyness. A dyslexic student is not in a position to ask relevant questions emerging in his brain. The other sign he is unproductive talkative, also asks immaterial questions.
2) Non-social behavior: A student, who does not show interest in social activities, also always reluctant to give a presentation and runs away of debate is recognized as a dyslexic student.
3) Much low capability of comprehension: A person who has much low comprehension capability and does not show interest in reading as well as in delivery is known as dyslexic student.
4) Frequent Forgetting important matter: If a student forgets important matter related to study instantly, then he may be called as a dyslexic student. A teacher has to render a lot of labor on this kind of student so that he could be capable to get the success in the examination.
5) Less Friendship: A sign of dyslexic student is that he has less friendship. He is not a sports person. Moreover, he is not competitive and always shows regression.
6) Rest-oriented person: A student who always prefers rest against study and labor is also recognized as a dyslexic student or person. He has no brainstorming capacity. He is not ready to face the issues on account of this if issues arise; he gets assistance from others to solve them. He is not a self-made person – in each matter; he is dependent upon others.

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