Social Media Hype On Banners Displayed On Women's Day: A Reality Check

(Sehrish Ajmal, )

Where there is good will ; some mischief _ mongers or rather evil _ willed agents work parallel . Such was the situation sighted at 8th March on International Women's Day. Some obscenely bold banners __ sadly held by some pseudo feminists __ tried to mar the very core of this revolutionary movement in the name of feminism. There is a pinnacle social_ media hype on these banners; ridiculing the sole purpose of this Day.

Here it is to be understood what feminism actually is; because jumping to judgements without understanding the basic idea of a movement , is like labelling a bottle without knowing what's inside it. Feminism at its core is about equality of men and women, not “sameness.” So many people offer up the argument that women are not the “same” as men so there can’t be equality. In other words, because their bodies are different (many say “weaker” and smaller), and because men and women have different physical capabilities, these physical differences mean equality is not possible.

Here something important needs to be understood that sameness does not mean equal. The issue here is about equal rights and equal access to opportunities. Men and women don’t have to be the “same” in physicality to have the right to equality. I’d love to see that argument (that women and men aren’t the “same” so they can’t be equal) disappear forever. From my view, it’s a misguided one.

There is a huge female population suffering in the name of orthodoxy and patriarchy __feminism is about raising a voice to see better changes where such suffocated women get to have a window of ventilation. Thousands of women are suffering in Kashmir at the hands of suppressants__ and this is just one open example , huge data can be sited here. Women's Day is a commemorative of bringing to table some radical manifesto for women under oppression and thus causing ripples in the cognitive world to bring about healthy change.
I have read some statements on social media saying " Islam has given women empowerment; so there is no need for such reminder Days. I agree Islam has empowered women like no other religion in the world but the question is __ is there just one religion in the world? __ and the answer is quite clear to all. So this matter needs to be dealt on human grounds not religious. It's not about male vs female. It's just about women__because they are the ones suffering inequality __to have what they deserve as humans just like any other human being.


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