Drug Addiction Is Destroying Lives Of Youth

(Mehmaiz Ali, Lahore)

The use of drugs is a big problem and this disease is spreading rapidly in Pakistan. Youngsters look particularly vulnerable. This is because of the fact that they like to try new things in their lives. But, this addiction destroys their lives. In this era of 21st century, people are still addicted to this kind of substances. They are unknowingly destroying their brains. We should take some steps to guide the youth on how to overcome this issue.

The use of drugs has destroyed millions of homes and families. People of all ages and even women are seen using them and it has become a matter of concern. Use of drugs also makes people involved in other bad habits, for example, telling lies and stealing etc. To get drugs, they steal money from home by making excuses for any other work. On the other hand, a drunk person also threatens others' lives.

According to a research, 14 percent of traffic accidents happen just because of drunk driving. Often it is seen that people are drunk and listening to music in a loud volume and if someone tries to stop them, they start fighting or yelling. People who are addicted to drugs think of attempting suicide. In addition, according to a recent survey, those who are targeted by drugs increase their chances of getting involved in crimes such as robbery. Drug use can eliminate a person's ability to decide and the ability to control himself. It is not difficult to recognize its side effects. A person needs to think how preventing the drug use can improve the life of people around him. A large number of people use drugs to escape from domestic or other issues, but this habit adds more difficulty to their lives.

Some young people start smoking cigarettes, and other dangerous things after seeing others. This causes cancer and other diseases. Sometimes, parents also ignore their children. According to a report, the number of drug users in Pakistan has crossed 6.7 million, 78 percent are men and 22 percent are women. If this disease is not controlled, then it would become very difficult to control this problem.

Alcohol, marijuana, cocaine are a few examples of harmful drugs that people keep using and they find themselves unable to stop this habit. This is because of the fact that they feel lonely and ignored by the society and they start enjoying the company of people who are addicted to the drugs. Not only in Pakistan but also in many other countries people keep using drugs to escape from the real issues around them.

A few weeks ago, drugs worth $ 106 million were captured in Karachi. If other such measures are taken, then it can be expected that this problem would be controlled. The media and other institutions can also play a role in preventing drug addiction. Last year, many news channels showed the reports and documentaries about drugs and how people are openly consuming them.

Moreover, there is a need to make people aware about this issue. The use of drugs is a serious problem and its effects can really be very harmful. The government should establish some institutions that can help people avoid this disease. The drug addiction can be controlled only if strict actions are taken against drug sellers. Otherwise, psychological diseases will increase in the country. We should tell our young generation about this disease and how to avoid from it. They can adopt other useful activities to keep themselves happy. Care is always better than cure and this is the best way to avoid the drugs.

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