7 - Ways a strict teacher hinders smooth learning process

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


A learning process is not smooth if faculty members of a school or a college are strict and non-caring people. Love, helpful and supportive attitudes are essential for imparting education and learning in true sense. There are many ways a strict teacher hinders the smooth learning process some of them are given below:-
1) Use of stick only: A teacher who uses only stick in imparting education not only obstructs the horizontal learning, but also becomes a sign of hatred amongst the students and other faculty members. Students dislike attending his class. This type of teacher becomes a vacuum educator and in the long run disappears from the educational domain.
2) Abusing Language: A strict teacher can hinder smooth learning through abusing language that puts much negative impact upon students and other teaching professionals. It is witnessed that generally a strict teacher uses immoral language that hinders in the smooth learning process.
3) Outrage Attitude: The attitude of a teacher plays an important role in imparting education. If a teacher displays an outrage attitude, he makes the hindrance in the smooth learning process. Most strict teacher displays such attitude that isolates him from his/her colleagues and students.
4) Non-permission to ask question: A strict teacher never allows students to ask questions again and again and in this way he hinders in the smooth learning process because students are not satisfied over his teaching. The concept of teaching is not clear; consequently they have to consult other teachers for clearing the concept.
5) Inflexibility: A strict teacher is generally inflexible. He is not ready to understand the mental ability of the dyslexic students. Owing to this, students of impaired ability face considerable difficulties in getting learning. Through inflexible attitude a strict teacher hinders in the smooth learning process.
6) Lack of quality of teaching: A strict teacher has not the quality of friendly teacher. A friendly teacher not only teaches students, but also learns from them by absorbing their lengthy questions. The process of teaching and learning is continued and the relationship of teacher and students goes stronger with the passage of time.
7) Disrespect and distrust: It is a common practice of a strict teacher that he/she does not respect students and reciprocally the students do not care of the teacher. The strict teacher also distrusts students, which scatter the confidence of the students. Disrespect, distrust and misbehaving mindset of a teacher hinders the smooth learning process.

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