Misconception of the term 'Litracy'

(Malik Jodat Abdullah, Lahore)

According to an economic survey of Pakistan 2017, Pakistan's literacy rate has declined from 60% to 58%. The government of Pakistan is concerned about this undesirable outcome. One of its main reasons is the lack of government's concern and the shortage of funds allocated for the education department.

Apart from that, people believe that merely high literacy rate is a solution for Pakistan's educational issue and future. It may not be so true, as the term literate means, a person who knows how to write and read his/her name. Only literacy could not help to improve one's ethical behavior, thoughts, and knowledge. It may be the major misconception of Pakistani people of misunderstanding literacy with education even including literate people!

What we need for our country is educated people not only literate one. It may be added that not only good educational institutions produce well-educated people but due its parenting, Morale, culture, environment, family values and many other factors are also contributing. Educated people are those who have vast knowledge, understand others point of view, knew manners, not financially depended by others and are respectful toward others. From my point of view, Pakistan's population has less than 5% educated people!. So, people should be familiar with the difference between the meaning of literacy and education.

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well said by the author! he is a great person I met!
By: Ayesha Mushtaq, Lahore on Mar, 29 2019
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