Tips to Choose a Good Pen, Which One Is Right For You?

(Maira Feroz, Karachi)

Before writing how to choose a quality writing pen lets discuss why is it even important to put so much brain into choosing a pen?

Everything in the world today is revolving around digitalization, whether its books or notepads, everything has found its new version. Even a pen today have become SmartPen. Which means that they are now able to survive in this Smart world. But with this bundle of Smartness comes distortion of some factors that were once important.

For instance, the satisfaction one receives while holding their favorite novel. Or the pleasure of penning down your thoughts in a notebook. And most importantly, the fact that writing by a pen improves human memory, is one of the factors that these electronic devices can’t bless us with.

What Effort Goes Into 'How To Choose a Good Pen?'

Like I said above, writing by a pen improves one’s memory because a human can’t write fast enough to take in every word. Therefore the brain consolidates information into smaller bits. On the other hand, typing is where you write down every word verbatim. Which means you have to summarize the main ideas of your notes.

There are a lot more things that a single pen provides you with. Therefore, your efforts for choosing the right kind of pen can never go in vain.

Moreover, there is a number of pens that come with the ability to make you feel powerful on the digital age. But that’s not what everyone craves for, especially from a pen. Things like smooth writing, better grip, and aesthetic design are some of the things that common people like us expect from a quality pen. And seeing this demanding nature of a writer, the writing instrument industries develop different types of pen. There’s something for everyone.

Here are some of the pens and use of the pens that you can opt for if you’re looking for the following things:

Ballpoint Pen For Affordability:

The most common types of pens that exist today are ballpoint pens. They have been existing from the late 18th century and are still considered pretty important.

One of the reasons why ballpoints are existing today is their ability to be affordable. Pens are something that one can’t buy once on their lifetime. They have to be in the bundle. And this constant need for writing instruments makes ballpoint pens the most common pens, as they are super-affordable.

In Pakistan, you can buy a good ballpoint from Deer company in just rupees 36.

Roller ball pen For Smoother Writing:

Rollerball pens are pretty similar to ballpoint pens but their water-based ink makes them beneficial from a ballpoint pen.

There finer tips are great for people who can’t compromise on smoother writing skills.

But remember these pen can leak ink if they are put upside down or stored in places where the pressure is high. For example, airplanes.

Fountain Pen For Classiest Writing:

Fountains pen are the luxuries choice when it comes to artistic handwriting.

These writing instruments are known for their ability to provide classy and fancier writing.

But that’s not the only thing why its famous for.

A fountain pen is also one of the least wasteful options in the market. This is because the ink is refillable, and you can use the pen for a really long time. Unless you lose it. *duh*

The writer can also customize the nib depending on their writing style.

Gel Ink Pen For Boldness:

No gel ink pen isn't open for character assassination for its boldness. But this needs your appreciation.

If you're willing to write dark, bold lines then this is a perfect choice.

Gel ink pens are less likely to leak or bleed through paper.

Felt Tip Pen For Attention:

A felt tip pen isn’t the over-dressed girl at high-school that everyone label's 'an attention seeker.' Instead, a flat tip pen can bring your words to recognition.

A felt tip pen is the one with a spongy tip that gives thick lines. These pens are the best ones when it comes to thick writing material. Materials such as poster boards, moving boxes, or folders are great for writing with felt tip pens.

While types of the pen are a great concern. But when it comes to quality writing a writer's goals, paper type and state of mind are equally responsible.

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