7 – Advantages of Critical Examination System on Students

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


Competitive and Optimum Examination System plays an important role in setting up the knowledge-based education system. This kind of system produces the best workforce in all spheres of the economy, which in the long run makes the nation a strong country for the world. The Critical Examination System prevents the cheating approaches of the students and they are forced to take their study seriously in order to pass the examination. The seven (7) advantages of the Critical Examination System on Students are given below:-
1) Enhancement of Analytical Ability: A Critical Examination System enhances the analytical ability amongst the students that in the long run helps them in research and analytical tasks. The system also boosts the capabilities of students up and they are able to participate in the competitive examination.
2) Preventing the tendency of cheating: The Critical Examination System prevents the tendency of cheating by the students and they have to resort to study in order to have the success in the examination.
3) Mitigation in the Poverty: The Critical Examination System also mitigates the ratio of poverty to a great extent by way of the growth to the knowledge. A knowledgeable nation consistently takes steps to uplift the standard of living and when the standard of living increases, the poverty reduces.
4) Discouraging the Nepotism: The Critical Examination System discourages the nepotism to a great extent. Merit runs in each and every sphere of activities, consequently the affairs of the country govern smoothly.
5) Merit Prevails: The Critical Examination System spreads the merit by preventing the tendency of demerits.
6) Flow of Competition: A Critical Examination System enhances the flow of competition. This competition gives the quality of services and products also people are capable of getting the best product and services at competitive and cheap rates.
7) Economic Growth: The prominent advantage of the Critical Examination System is seen in Economic Growth. It is a spiritual truth that economic growth cannot be achieved if the nation is illiterate and demerit is open. Due to critical examination systems, students get expertise in each walk of life and in the later stage these skills and expertise carry the country on the way of economic progress. If the economy is strong the country is strong.

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