Education first

(Rabia Waqar, Karachi)

Pakistan has a large number of youth population. About 193 million youth of Pakistan is facing so many daunting challenges. Because of endemic poverty, the basic right of experiencing a healthy and educated childhood is missing in them. The literacy rate of male youth is as low as 53% and for female, it’s even worse at the percentage of 42. Despite various efforts, the authorities are failed to provide education to this large number of population. That is why the youth is unable to pay a pivotal role in the society. They are not well informed about the ups and downs of society, the norms and values. The young generation in Pakistan has developed a sense of hopelessness and they are trapped in uneducated way of living rather than going to school.

Many of them are going through the identity crisis. Education is the key which opens the Door to the success and develops a sense of cultural, religious and moral values. For third world countries like us, edition is the most powerful tool to eradicate poverty. But unfortunately, quality and skill based education is still a dream for our youth.

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