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The word Nawroz literally mens a new day or beggining or new day. Simply,I can define it , forgetting all those deeds or mistaes which you have done in previous year and now you have time and chance to learn from those mistakes and make your life good or prosper for both of the worlds . Different countries are celebrating this,to mark the new year on 21st of march ,It also marks that the Earth completed its one year rotation and spring begins with new dreams and ambitions. Nawruz is an old tradition ,the Iranians and Egyptians are celebrating this day for many years with enthusiasm. Some people in Pakistan are celebrating this day ,particularly northen areas' people. There are some religious people who belong ,Parsi community,Ismaili community and Shia community . They are also celebrating this day. Lets have a look ,how they are celebrating it:

In Iran they people are beggining this day with poetric line "My yellow is yours and your red is mine" during the festival the fire to take away all problems and replace them a very good and healthy life.

In Azerbaijan the preparation for nawruz begins a month before ,the festival is being held every tuesday during four weeks earlier the holiday of Nawruz. Each tuesday people are celebrating the day of on of the four elements ,water,fire,Earth and wind. On the holiday eve the people visiting their neighbours' home and relatives' home.

In northren areas ,Chitral and Gilgit they are celebrating somehow same:
In chitral, Nawruz celebrations begin before one day,with traditional foods . At night of Nawroz eve ,people are visiting neighbours and relatives home to give the congratulations of Nawruz. Then, in the very morning of nowruz,kids and parents dressed up according to their status ,they are meeting each other and wishing each other the blessings of Nawruz after that,"coming and going" start in every home and welcoming with smiling faces and saying good bye with satisfied faces are also the part of this festival in Chitral.

And in Gilgit, celebrations begin with the same method as chitralis are celebrating but Gilgits are beggining this day in the early morning and there the boys are playing one game name as "Egg breaking" and Polo are being played in many parts of Gilgit . Traditiona music and dance are also the part of celebrations.

So,Nawruz is a very important and reason of happiness for all those ,who are celebeating it .

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