7- Benefits of a pro-social peer group in School

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


Human beings are interdependent. They need help to each other, and pass their times and lives with the interaction of others. They cannot live in isolation. They need social binding. A pro-social peer group has the same social status and same interest or background. They are generally in the same age group or close in age group. The pro-social peer groups in a school play beneficial roles in a way of helping, sharing, donating, co-operating and volunteering. The 7 benefits of a pro-social peer group in school are given below:-
1. Financing the unprivileged students: A pro-social peer group in school is ready to finance the unprivileged students so that they could continue their studies. The group also fulfills the domestic needs of the parents and unprivileged students.
2. Creation of enabling educational environment: The pro-social peer group in the school helps out in the creation of enabling educational environment in the school and the colleges. The enabling educational environment much facilitates the students and the teachers both. They equally perform and realize their duties accordingly. Due to the soothing environment their teacher students’ relationship is compact.
3. Valuation of Social Values: The pro-social peer group in school gives a valuation to the social values by way of interaction to others, the group discussion and sympathy as well as empathy. The sympathy and empathy are two human being values that help out in building soothing society. These two passions of human beings is a blessing of Allah to mankind.
4. Unity and Strength: No discrimination is observed where a pro-social peer group in school exists as the group through its social works creates unity amongst students. This unity gives great benefits not only to the students, but also to schools by way of Unity and Strength.
5. Knowledge-based Atmosphere: The pro-social peer group in school forms a knowledge-based atmosphere that in the long run creates experts and educationists. These experts and educationists help out the country in carrying it to the progressive track.
6. Essence and purpose of Education: Similar to confidence, the essence of education also plays an important role in obtaining the true education. The pro-social peer group familiarizes the students about the essence and purpose of education so that they could in the long run take the benefits of education in real terms and serve the nation accordingly.
7. Trustworthiness / Volunteerism: Trustworthiness is the coring value of human beings that carries man to the climax, whereas the volunteerism means to render services without an intention of return i.e. without money. The pro-social peer group helps out in spurring trustworthiness and producing volunteers in the school.

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