7-Ways low self-esteem affects students in school

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


Negative and pessimistic thinking about ourselves is known as low self-esteem. On the other hand, lofty thought is called high self-esteem. The low self-esteem may place the students in a quandary – one way they have unenthusiastic feelings and on the other way, they are not in a position to maintain a relationship even cannot make friends. Further, they feel that they are unlovable and incompetent due to lack of confidence. It is also said that low and high self-esteem is dependable upon the atmosphere where a person leads his life. The negative consequences of low self-esteem in students are detailed below:-
1. Frustration: The low self-esteem students always remain frustrated; even they do not want to see other students satisfied. They always try to create hindrance in the development of anything. They make messes in their work. They are not organized and do not accomplish their tasks due to frustration. The frustration puts severe negative impacts on the activities of students.
2. Remain Anger: The 2nd negative consequence of low-esteem has emerged in the shape of undue anger. The low-esteem students are witnessed to remain anger and make loose talking. Due to their undue anger, they lose their friends. Their peers and their teachers do not like them.
3. Self-Hate: The self-hate is witnessed in the low self-esteemed students because they feel themselves as hopeless and ineffective. They tell themselves that they have no value in a society and the society thinks of them as burdens. They are not capable doing anything. They see only their weaknesses on account of this they begin to hate themselves.
4. Inhuman Approach: The major end-result of low self-esteem students has emerged in the form of inhuman approach that revolts their positive life. They become totally selfish and harsh and treat others in a bad way. They fight on flimsy grounds, badly beat the opponents and involve in trouble-making activities.
5. Depression: The low-esteem keeps the students depressed and gloomy. They become dull and not take part in positive activities. Due to depression their studies are affected and in the long run they leave their studies becoming a burden on their parents.
6. Anxiety: The low self-esteem students are caught by anxiety. They always have a feeling of worry, nervousness about something that might happen in the future. The unnecessary feeling of anxiety skews their strengths and grows their weaknesses; consequently they are not in a position to do the assigned work perfectly. The feeling of anxiety keeps them always in a stress position that distorts their educational activities at all.
7. Loneliness: The isolation is a curse for all human beings as it mentally kills and makes fall them into the shocking well. The low-esteem students feel themselves loneliness as they are friendless and have no company to talk or to pass their leisure time.

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