8-Ways to boost the confidence level of a shy student in school

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


Confidence plays an important role for students to boost their skills and expertise. A confident student bravely faces all challenges and hardship that come into his life. The confidence also enhances the self-esteem of students. Due to the confidence they are not frustrated and upset nor hit by depression as well as anxiety. Confidence helps them in leading a healthy and attractive life also it opens the door of success for them. The following are the 8-ways to boost the confidence level of a shy student in schools.
1. Self-thinking and expression: The shy student should think about some topic, study it and then express the topic before the mirror without seeing any contents. He should regularly adopt it and express on different topics, then the day would come when his shyness removes and he feels confident in him.
2. Presentation: The 2nd way to remove shyness is by way of practice and practice of presentation. The presentation is the core way to remove shyness and to enhance confidence. The present educational approaches give much weight to presentations.
3. Self-Respect: The self-respect is witnessed in the high self-esteemed students because they feel themselves as confident persons. All students should feel that they are respectable persons, especially a shy student because the self-respect must boost the confidence level in him.
4. Avoidance of Inhuman Approach: The avoidance of inhuman approach is an integral part of boosting confidence level of a shy student as a major end-result of low self-esteem students has emerged in the form of inhuman approaches that revolt their positive thinking. To boost confidence and goodness, the students should avoid inhuman attitudes.
5. Uprightness: The core value of human beings is uprightness that demands them to lead their lives free from hypocrisy. It means that man should be honest and never tell a lie. The uprightness must boost the confidence level of a shy student in school.
6. Volunteerism: Volunteerism means using volunteer workers for community service who work for nothing only for the consent / assent of Allah. To become a volunteer also boosts confidence level up of a shy student in school. It is a spiritual truth that one who leads life only for himself or herself always remains worry and never gets the real happiness because the real happiness hides in the volunteer work.
7. Prayer and Fast: Prayer and Fast also boost up the confidence level of a shy student in school. Students must follow the instructions of Allah and His Prophet, so that not only they could get the confidence, but also succeed in both worlds.
8. Respect the Elders: Students should respect all their elders whether they are their neighbors or strangers, especially they must respect their parents and teachers. It must be remembered that doing respect to others will return back to them that boost their confidence up by way of removing their shyness.

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