Education system in government schools.

(Komal Shakeel, Karachi)

There is no Proper room for conducting classes

I would like to discuss very big problem of government schools. when we see towards government Schools so we see, every student is studying with very typical problems. some major problems are these, their teachers don't teach seriously, they don't take their class's period and mostly they are absent and students enjoy free time as a result of their teachers. education is given in Urdu language while English is the most important language to know for everyone specially nowadays, due to this problem their students cannot speak in English. there is no compute science, commerce still in some schools, some students want to select computer science but they cannot and then they have to select arts unwillingly. proper chairs, rooms, boards even Schools aren't provided for study, sometimes students study in open places. electricity isn't provided to the students and they study without electricity, this is the major issue. so these are major issues which students face in government Schools for getting education.

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