9-tips to understand Social Studies in School

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)

Social Studies is the study of social sciences such as Economics, History, International Relations, civics, sociology and other related subjects. The basic theme of Social Studies is that human beings are interdependent – they cannot live without the help of others. They are social figures so they want to have interaction with other social beings. The following are the 9-tips to understand Social Studies in School.
1. Intention: First and the most vigilant tip is an intention. If there is no intention there is no understanding. The intention creates struggles and labor that in short or long run get the desired goal.
2. Regular Study: The 2nd tip is a regular revision of the Social Studies. A Regular study is an integral part of understanding the Social Studies in School. Students should be motivated to study the subject regularly so that they could grasp the subject.
3. Interaction with the people: The 3rd tip to understand Social Studies is to make interaction with people. Further, through discussion, communication and chatting with the people, students may understand the Social Studies in the better sense by way of the gaining knowledge.
4. Break-up of long contents / paragraphs: The 4th tip is to break up the long contents into several paragraphs by giving them suitable topics so that they could inculcate the mind. The lengthy or long paragraphs bother the students. By this way, the students can understand the Social Studies.
5. Attentive in the Class: The fifth tip is to remain attentive in the classrooms during the lectures. If something does not come to mind, ask questions again and again to teachers without feeling shyness or fear. It may remove the confusion in Social Studies.
6. Touring / Study Tour: The sixth tip is touring. Social Studies are related to social values and social problems as well as to get the solution of community issues. Visiting places to place, making interaction with the new people, new culture and new festivals as well as to taste new meals will open the spheres of new knowledge that help in understanding the social studies. Besides this, arranged study tour is also much helpful in understanding the Social Studies.
7. To attend intellectual meetings: The seventh tip to understand Social Studies is to attend intellectual meetings as and when it is held in university or college level. This intellectual meeting helps in getting the knowledge of social values.
8. Avoiding becoming outrageous: The eighth tip to understand Social Studies is not to become outraged as anger melts the brain and man is not in a position to think positively. Students should be taught that they may avoid becoming outrageous.
9. Caring the health and taking sound sleep: Last, but not the least tip is that students must care for their health and take the sound sleep as fitness and sound sleep keep them dynamic and healthy - they are capable of facing the challenges of life. Also, the sound health helps students in understanding the Social Studies and other skills.

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