7-traits of intellectual students

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


A trait is an inborn gift from God that can be refined by training, education and the observation. It is also a quality to trace something. It plays an important role in building the characteristics of a man. It keeps the man dynamic and society is benefited by his skills and services. The 7-traits of an intellectual student are given below:-
1. Understanding the feelings: An intellectual student understands the feelings of other fellows by way of empathy and helps them accordingly. He analyses all student related issues and comes up with their solution. He speaks up according to the mood of his peers, teachers and according to the situation. He thinks before speak so generally he never repents.
2. Analysis the Retaliation: He considers the aspect of retaliation. He knows that all blessings are from God, but the cursing is the retaliation of one’s own deeds not by God. Accordingly, he tries his best to act according to the teaching of God and His Prophet.
3. Dream up: He tries his best to devise or invent something that is beneficial for society by way of dream up. A dream up is the trait of an intellectual student that keeps him active all the time, i.e. during the education life and during the practical life.
4. Self-Respect: The self-respect is also a trait of an intellectual student witnessed in the high self-esteemed students because they feel themselves as confident students. The trait of self-respect teaches him the characteristics of emotional intelligence that plays an important role to control the emotions.
5. Broad Talking: An intellectual student talks broadly instead of “I” he uses “we” in praising case, but in negative case he uses “I” instead of “we”. He refrains from passing negative remarks about his peers, but potentially discusses their goodness. He knows that no man is “perfect”, therefore, he sees the goodness of others instead of badness.
6. Bird’s eye: An intellectual student keeps the bird’s eye on each and every matter. He considers each matter in an optimistic way. His optimistic thinking helps him out in his study and subjects.
7. Self-motivated and Self-Driven: An intellectual student is self-motivated and self-driven – it means that he first tries to solve the problem by himself by way of analyzing, brainstorming and deeply study. He does the expected and future required work beforehand, whereas the other students do it when they are asked for it.

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