8-advantages of time management in university life

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


To give value for time and manage it in such a way so that man could get the optimum benefits from it is known as the time management. The organized, scheduled and timely action as well as the timely accomplishment is known as time management. The developed nations give much importance to time management as by observing time management they have become developed nations. The 8 advantages of time management in the university life are given below:-

1. Discipline: University life is not restricted living, so students do not give attention to time management. On account of this they face difficulties in their educational life also, sometimes they lose their success. The time management teaches discipline that plays an important role in life, whether it relates to university or domestic. A disciplined student always stands upgraded. He leads to a healthy educational life by way of attending class, debate, seminar and functions as well as participating in games.
2. Good Health: By observing time management, students become enthusiastic and lead their university life in full swing. Their punctuality on each matter puts an impressive effect on their health. They do all home assignments on time. Their domestic life is also active and promising.
3. Time Saving: The 3rd advantage of time management is “Time Saving” as the work is generally accomplished on time. In this way, one sided cost and time are saved and the other students get leisure for amusement and relax.
4. Reduce Stresses: By observing time management, stress is reduced as students do their assignments on time, consequently they do not face any botheration before their teachers. All teachers of the university like those students who are punctual and disciplined as well as respect their teachers.
5. Diversified Learning: Students enhance their knowledge on multiple subjects by observing the time management. They make schedule of learning for each subject then they constantly pursue the study target they have fixed by observing time agenda.
6. Better Career: The students who give importance to time management get better jobs in their practical life as they during their university time learned a lot of spheres of knowledge related to time management that help them in their practical lives.
7. Tomorrow v/s today: The time management does teach the students in their university life, not to leave the work for tomorrow because tomorrow never comes. They are far from procrastination. They do all the work beforehand as they hate procrastination.
8. Self-motivated and Self-Driven: The time management transforms students into self-motivated and self-driven. By way of those they try to solve the problems by themselves through analyzing, brainstorming and deeply study.

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