Pakistan's Educational Crisis

(Osama Ahmed, karachi)

Just like health, safety, security, and power, education is also a basic right necessity of people, which state has to provide to its people. It’s the state responsibility to provide free and quality education to every child until secondary level according to our constitution, but as we look around it is brutally clear that state has failed to fulfill this responsibility and if this trend continues our country will forever remain as a developing country.

In total 1 crore children are out of school due to reasons like

1. Poverty, people in Pakistan, especially in rural areas, don’t even have access to necessities like water, power, sanitation, etc then how can one expect that they will be able to send their children to schools.

2. Illiteracy cycle, Mostly its seen in that if the parents are uneducated due to any reason they don’t send their kids to school as well.

3. Low Infrastructure, Pakistan’s birth rate is quite high, our population is growing, as compared to our population we don’t have enough homes, roads, power, roads. We do not have enough schools to cater to these children.

4. Pakistan has only 1 lac 35 thousand primary schools and 45 thousand middle schools.

5. Budget for education is too low as military and debt servicing gets all the share.

The rest of them who actually have the privilege to go to school is stuck in the class-based schooling system. The elite class gets their children to study in fancy schools by paying a huge amount of money, especially O/A level schools, then we have schools of military and naval organizations, then comes agha khan, federal board, Sindh private, government schools and madrassas.

The quality of education differs, there is no proper check and balance, no quality control. Government schools mostly in Sindh are either deserted or there are no teachers present, because of the government teachers have a guaranteed job and they are sure doesn’t matter if they go to schools or not, doesn’t matter if they are fulfilling their responsibilities are not they won’t lose their jobs.

Private schools are even 1 step further in making the conditions worse, most of them are not interested in providing education rather they are busy making money, while elite schools are looting the parents.

If this continues Pakistan will never be able to grow and develop and we will remain stuck in this vicious cycle of poverty and miseries .

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