The Early Bloomers

(Muhammad Moeenuddin, Karachi)

From small protest to big rally's to social media campaigns to talk shows to filing of petitions to supreme court verdict - a lot of hue and cry was raised last year on unregulated fee structure of schooling system as many termed it as "educational terrorism". However there is another issue that has been designed/presented so cleverly that it is overlooked under the name of "necessity" even though it too is a major contributor to the fee issue mentioned above. The "Pre-school" education system - a thing none would recall in the early 20's even but now is engraved in our minds that it has triggered a rat race among parents where they rush to school for registering their child with a worry about the "head start" of their child upon the very news of having a baby! The very thought that our child will "miss out" or "won’t be like others" because of the "better social, emotional and thinking skills" that these program offers, has gripped the parent's so much that people who could barely afford the regular educational cycle are now securing their children's place in the "Pre-school educational trap" because the "reputed" schools actually don’t take your child if he/she hasn't took "their required path". "Pre-prep, Pre-Junior, Play Group" - same stuff (shit) different name where schools are eager to accept your child having age of 18 months to max 2.5 years after that your child apparently becomes too old to adopt their pace of education which basically is nothing but celebrating a "Day" for the sake of activity i.e Green day, blue day, orange day, fruit day - you name it and parents have to send their child with all the required stuff demanded by school to "learn the wonders of color" that were neglected in the history of mankind. All in all, just like the fee issue, this may reach the top in few years’ time but the sooner the better unless of course the parents accept this system as a comfortable alternative of their very responsibility of child upbringing! Will end this with words of Geoff Graham "If children started school at six months old and teachers gave them walking lesson, within a single generation people would come to believe that human's couldn't walk without going to school".

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