10 – Careers in Social Science

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


The Social Science is the study of mankind, its evolution, its behavior, its culture and traditions, its relationship with others, its way of earnings and its functions and well as its characteristics of the mind. The Social Science has a number of fields such as Economics, Geography, History, Law, Political Science and so on. The 10-Careers in Social Science are discussed below:-
1. Political Scientist: The Political Scientist is an attractive post / career in Social Science. It carries a handsome salary and other benefits. The post requires researching political ideas and analyzing the government policies and behaviors. The Political Scientist settles political issues and observes the operation of political systems.
2. Economist: An Economist is a backbone of the economy of a country. The country financial aspects cannot run without Economists. The Economists study the aspects of inflation, the unemployment, the deficit in foreign trade, the deficit in the exchange rates, the low rate of economic growth and the trends of the money supply. Further, they devise the Fiscal and Monetary Policies of a country.
3. Lecturer: One striking career of Social Science is College Lecturer. Students who fond of reading, writing and teaching like lectureship career and try their best to catch the job as the job satisfy their minds and souls.
4. Editor / Writer: The Editor / Writer is also a career in Social Science. Students, who are fond of writing and surfacing internet and book, adopt the career of the Editor or Writer because the post requires vast knowledge in diversified fields.
5. Sociologist: A Sociologist is a person who deals with social issues, study social groups and social institutions as well as developing interaction with the people. It is a promising career in Social Science.
6. Geographer: A man who is related to Geography and its allied subjects is known as Geographer. A Geographer examines the earth’s natural environment and human society as well as cultural and political structures of past, present and future. Students who like nature and environment adopt this career of Social Science.
7. Psychologist: A Psychologist can be called a Doctor, but not the Medical Doctor, who examines the mental and psychological disorders. The Psychologist plays an important role in a stressful society where the mental disorder is common. It is also an important career in Social Science.
8. Museum Curator: A Museum Curator is a guardian or keeper of the Museum Institutions (Gallery, Museum, Library or archive) as all administrative control of the Museum is vested with him. He looks after the heritage material and interprets them. The Museum Curator is a less interest career of Social Science by way of quantity.
9. Statistician: A Statistician is the man of digit or figures. He plays with figures and gets the required results / data that are beneficial in the corporate market. He also interprets the financial data to facilitate the management and project directors. It is a promising career in Social Science.
10. Consultant / Income Tax Consultant: The role of the consultant is varied i.e. from one end to another, such as the Property Consultant, the Income Tax Consultant, the IT Consultant, the Business Consultant and so on. An Income Tax Consultant settles the Income and property related issues of clients. Salaried and non-salaried individuals (businessmen) who have reasonable taxable income, hire the services of the Income Tax Consultants. It is a striking career in Social Science.

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