Labor's Day

(Zainab Batool, Karachi)

Labor's Day

Labor's day has been celebrated, every year on 1 May. This day is celebrated to appreciate working people. On this day, all schools, offices, business are close. Many Rallies and speeches are given, on this particular day. But beside all this, we celebrate this day with great enthusiasm, but in normal days human rights has not been given to working people. Worker's who works in miles, to take our natural resources and raw materials, they work too hard, day and night. Some workers get died, while working in the miles. Books and all other stationary items, which is provided by school authorities are so expensive that everyone cannot afford it. We find that there are a good deals of unemployment in our country. People get fired from the factories due to the lack of gas and energy. There is also a great discrimination between poor and upper workers. Those who has good quality jobs like, having businessmen manager of a bank, officer. They have given their rights, or they are getting their desires. But those who are not having good quality job like their jobs are to construct a house to have a job of fishing, they don't have their proper rights. Government has to take a proper action about the rights of labors. They work day and night, whether there is too hot and too cold. They are those work for country, if they didn't get their rights how they get courage to do their work. Moreover are the one who indulge in many works to run a country. This is very unfair, to treat them like, they are not doing such an honorable work. On this day, many speeches has been given by leaders and many promises has been made, but unrealistic and false. After this day, no fruitful result come up. In the end, I would say, this day is meant to celebrate their achievement and hard work. This day is highly appreciable for working people, so that they can do their work courage.

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