Mother's Day

(Zonish Muneer, Karachi)

Mother is the most respectable personality. She must be respected every single day. The day is coming soon on which everyone would be posting pics with their mothers. Why don’t they understand that everyday is a mother’s day? We all have some norms in our minds which have created by Western society. In western society what happens is that children get separated from their parents after teenage and live their own life independently, so some specific days have been created on which children go to their parents’ place to cherish them and to spend some of their precious time with them.

We are the Muslims, and we don’t need any kind of day to celebrate Mother’s Day, we are blessed and we live with our parents. We are just blindly following these kinds of days. It is a trap actually. The point is why we don't do all these things on other days too. If you celebrate this day in a laudable manner then you should also celebrate other days like this too.

We have isolated from our religion that is Islam. What does it say, “Paradise lies under the feet of mother.” We must follow our mothers’ words every day not only in one specific day. The women who are superior to you are your mother whether you are a son or daughter. We are the Muslims and have boons of Allah on us every day, and the mother is the biggest one. If you really want to show affection to your mother, then you should be obedient enough and follow everything which she wants you to do, by doing all things which she wants you to make her happy and your purpose as an obedient child is served. Nothing works just by showing off on social media. If you really love your mother then always try to make her happy.

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