We don't need to celebrate Mother's Day

(Seerat Ayesha, Karachi)

Why we specify only one day for our mothers? Does mother specify one day for her children? Like on this special day I will give food to this child and on another day I will give time to my another child... is it? If No... so how can it possible that children specify one day for mother that only on Mother's day they will give time to their mothers and show their love and care towards mother. To express love, to show care and to say sorry children shouldn't be dependent on Mother's day. Mother shows her love and take care of children 365 days in a year so children should also give resepect and take care of their mother at every moment and every day.

Mother doesn't want too much from her children. She only wants her children's time and their love with respect so children should give these things to their mother as much as they can that children will not have any regret when they lose her. Mother is the perfect blend of too many emotions and relations. Sometimes she behaves like a friend and sometimes she becomes strict like a headmaster but mother is the perfect combination of all these emotions and states. Children realise the value of mother at that time when they lose her. So shouldn't it better children realise the value of mother in her life? Because when children lose this gift of Allah then they realise when she was with them it seemed the whole world was with them.

There is no better replacement of mother in this world. Mother gives that precious care without it children can't survive. Oftern children talk with mother in a loud voice and they think she doesn't know anything but they forget that she is the one who teaches them the difference between right and wrong. Mother is the central of all the happiness and relaxation. Children can't find the difference between mother and flower. If this world is flower so mother is the sweet frangrance of this flower. Those children who have this blessing are the most luckiest children. The relation of mother to child is too pure. No child can pay tribute to his mother as she deserves. Mother's love is like a deep ocean even Allah resembles His love to mother's love.

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آپ کی رائے
well done. excellent effort to describe the topic. keep it up.
By: shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi on Aug, 29 2019
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Sir I wrote this article but there is two spelling mistakes "often" and "fragrance" so kindly make them correct.
By: Seerat Ayesha, Karachi on May, 08 2019
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