Public Transport

(Hafiza Fazal, Karachi)

Symptom of accident.

Now a days transport became a huge issue for those people whom are going to their jobs and any other place . Mostly people can't afford the private transport. Many of the patients are also using public transport to go to the hospitals and in this travel they just became in more pain. Peoples don't have the place to sit . Due to lake of space many of the peoples are also hanging with the buses.

Specially its a considerable for the students. They are going to the college and university through public transport. Buses are not giving them a comfortable transport and taking too much time to come to the stop and also takes more time in the ways to their homes. Due to this when they arrive homes they are very tired and unable to give that attention to their studies which it deserves. This transport is not good for the students.

The ladies portion is very small which is not enough for them because everyday so many women goes out of their homes for different purposes.Buses are overloaded and men are also hanging with the buses and its so dangerous it may cause any accident.

In short it's all about the lack of buses. Specially in Karachi its the big issue but it is neglected by every one.

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