(Hafiza Fazal, Karachi)

There are many drug addicts in Pakistan . It is getting compulsive and out of control problem. The rate of injection drug addicts is also increased. The number of drug addicts in Pakistan are increasing very fast. Most of the illegal drug is smuggled from our neighbor Afghanistan. Drugs are very cheap and easy to get.

Pakistan has 7.6 million drug addicts.In which 78% of males and the rest of 22% are females. Our country is counting among the highest drug addict countries. According to UNODC that more than 800,000 Pakistanis aged between 15 to 64 are uses drugs regularly.

There are few ways of inhaling drugs. The first way is injection through which drugs goes directly into the blood stream and starts effect directly. The second way is ingestion and it effects slowly and all the other ways are more dangerous.

Different drugs have different effects . Some of them effect the health consequences and they are long lasting and permanent. Their effects can be continued even a person stop inhaling the drugs.

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